Doing a yoga teacher training is a beautiful journey in itself. Moreover, it is something that no one can snatch from you. It is simply an out of the world experience of a lifetime. Yoga TTC helps in aligning yourself to fitness goals and life goals in general. The Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala is simply one of the most blissful things, that can happen today. You will experience ecstasy and bliss, like you have never experienced before. Kundalini Yoga Ashram nurtures the minds of all the students, who want to learn this holistic modality. If you are one of them, you are right where you want to be.

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala

Firstly, you should know where to go for your yoga training. There are so many places across the globe, where yoga classes take place. You can opt for the training in various hilly regions in the Himalayas and also in the south. The forms differ slightly, but the essence of yoga remains the same. It goes without saying, that India is the birthplace of yoga. The lord Adidev, Shiva passed the knowledge to the sapta-rishis, who propagated the knowledge further. Then these rishis travelled to various parts of India, taking this form with them. In the meanwhile, they added their own personal touches.

Now, you know, why yoga is best learnt in India. Goa is located in the south, and is one of the cities, where international tourists visit often. So, it is just apt that, you can go and learn in the land of the sun and the sea. We have a myriad offering waiting for you there. Moreover, when you practice in the open, on the beaches, that too, barefoot, you make an instant connection with Mother earth. Yoga is about the amalgamation of the mind, body, and the soul. So, it is apt, that you will get holistic knowledge and the best training from nature. Moreover, the sounds of the sea add to the effectiveness of the mantras and chants. You can try out the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala at the most affordable rates today as well. Kerala has the expert teachers, who can give a new direction to your life. Kundalini Yoga Ashram conducts the best classes in yoga, in the beautiful seaside resort. Moreover, you can enjoy a good nightlife in Kerala as well.

Reasons To Pursue Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala

You will find it mentioned in Vedic scriptures and yogic books like the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, that Kundalini yoga is used to awaken the spiritualism in a body. It also creates mindfulness. Many people have also claimed that they had an awakening of sorts. The yoga style has a lot of potential today, in the realm of yoga. If you want to become a yoga teacher, but are not able to pursue on that track, it is important for you to do the 200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala. Once your Kundalini shakti is awakened, it stays with you, for your entire life. You can learn the art and craft of Kundalini yoga for your all-round betterment.

Even if you feel, that you will be taking a break, and resuming your yoga teaching a year later, this modality will stay with you, once and for all. Listed underneath are the most profound advantages of the teacher training.

  • You can awaken your chakras, with this training. Many people lead unsuccessful and ill-fated lives, without knowing that any such energy exists in their spine. The body has seven chakras, and if even one chakra is blocked, it can lead to illnesses. You can practice Kundalini Yoga and get rid of the blockages.
  • You will also become more mindful, after you start your Kundalini meditation practice. It also provides you with a lot of energy to adjust the body and your mind.
  • Once you awaken the Kundalini shakti, you will feel that energy outburst inside you. Moreover, you will also feel myriad emotions therein. Some people start crying after the awakening, while others feel excited, and still others experience true bliss.
  • To add to all the above benefits, the yoga course is certified by Yoga Alliance. So, you get an accredited certificate and can also apply for RYT later.

You should enrol in the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala and avail yourself of the myriad benefits.

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala

Moreover, Kundalini Yoga is a course which will benefit all the students. If you have learnt Hatha Yoga or were practicing informally for a long time, then you can do Kundalini yoga. After you practice the learn, you will find subtle changes within your energy body and the physical body as well. The course comprises some important modules, that revolve around, asanas, kriyas, mantras, chanting, and mudras. All these create an effect like no other.

After you enrol and start attending the classes, you will have a wonderful feeling. You will be learning the beautiful, hidden secrets of Kundali science as a part of this course as well. The knowledge that will be delivered comprises theory and practical knowledge as well. Self-realization is one of the keys to your awakening, and that is the first priority for the teachers at the ashram. Moreover, the lessons will revolve around the auras of your body, like the pancha koshas. You will learn how each one works. The Kundalini teacher training is a good mix of traditional teachings, amalgamated with modern science for the modern practitioner.

The course is designed for all the students and yoga enthusiasts who are interested in exploring the spiritual realm, more than the fitness part of yoga. You will also learn about Tantra, Mantra, Chakras, Enlightenment, Awakening, Growth, and Energies. That makes the training wholesome and complete. You can start your career in teaching right after the completion of the course at Kerala. The month-long classes will put your life in a routine, which is essential for such holistic practices. So, join the course today at Kerala.