Round diamond engagement rings are a popular and fashionable choice among couples due to their maximum sparkle and brilliance. The diamond's round shape comprises a symmetrical shape with 58 facets that showcase the diamond's maximum sparkle, fire, and brilliance. If you are planning to purchase a round-shaped engagement ring for your loved one, the following guide will help you make the right choice about a diamond ring.

What are the things that you should remember while purchasing a round-shaped engagement ring?

While buying a round diamond, you must pay attention to the four Cs that determine the diamond's quality.

  1. Color and clarity

Before buying a round-shaped diamond ring, you need to ensure the clarity of the stone. The number of external and internal imperfections present in the diamond influences the clarity grade of a diamond. Always go for a round diamond that comes with a VS2 grade in clarity or better.

  • One of the most crucial factors at the time of purchasing a round diamond ring is the color. If you are on a tight budget, then instead of opting for color grade D E which stands for a colorless diamond, you can go for a nearly colorless diamond that has a color grade of G or H.
  • Once your diamond is set in the ring setting, it is difficult to distinguish between near-colorless or colorless diamonds; however, it can help you to make significant savings and save a few dollars.
  1. Cut

Cut is an important characteristic among the four Cs for round diamonds since it brings the sparkling factor to this diamond, impacting your engagement ring's overall visual appearance. GIA assigns different cut grades for round diamonds, such as excellent, good, very good, fair, and poor. Excellent is the top cut grade for round diamonds.

  1. Select the right ring setting.

As a round diamond is a popular and trending option, you will not find it difficult to find an appropriate ring setting for this shape. Round diamond works well with four or six-prong settings as your round diamond remains secure in six-prong settings. When buying a round-cut diamond, you need to ensure the cost, durability, and brilliance to make a wise investment choice. Lastly, do not forget to consider the shape and size of your partner's hand in order to ensure that the ring fits your beloved hand rightly.

  1. Other Factors

GIA assigns certain grades for round-cut diamonds in terms of depth percentage, table percentage, culet, and girdle. The following table will help you to buy the best round diamond.

  • The depth percentage of round diamonds should be between 61% to 62.5%
  • Table size ranges between 54% to 58%
  • Always choose excellent symmetry or Polish for round diamonds

What is the cost of a round-cut diamond?

The four Cs influence the worth of round-shaped diamonds. Unlike other popular diamond shapes, a round brilliant cut diamond is comparatively more expensive since it requires more polishing at the time of the cutting process. The price of 1-carat round-shaped diamonds varies between a range of $ 4000 to $ 10,000, depending on the clarity and color ratings. A round diamond that has high-end attributes will cost twice or thrice more than lower clarity or color ratings. If you are on a tight budget, then you can go for round man-made diamonds, which look exactly like natural diamonds but cost 40 to 50% less than their natural counterparts.


Round-cut brilliant diamonds are versatile diamond shapes that work well with various ring settings due to their geometric design. As this shape is a trendy choice for engagement or wedding rings, there are many designs for people to choose from. A key consideration while choosing a ring setting style for round diamonds is noticing workmanship quality. The better the craftsmanship in the ring setting, the maximum will be your ring's security and aesthetic beauty. If you buy a round diamond ring for the first time, you can simplify your buying process with New World Diamonds, where you get infinite options and expert guidance.