Yoga is the best thing to happen to us today. Time and again, yoga has proved to be more than just a preventive therapy. So, that may be one of the reasons why people want to teach yoga, learn yoga, and soak in its goodness. You can now go the Yoga Teacher Training In Thailand at a pretty reasonable cost. Each country has its pros and cons. Thailand has only pros, when it comes to yoga practice. The spiritual and tranquil surroundings pave the way toward a better life for all yogis.

The place in question here is Chiang Mai, which is in the north of Thailand. The region is quite different from the impression, that people have of Thailand, in general. There are no beaches, no sand, and seas are beyond your vision. But it has supportive elements that can aid your yoga practice. You will find the hilly terrains emulating the landscape of Rishikesh. Additionally, Chiang Mai is a tourist hotspot as well. So, there are a whole lot of reasons, why you should enroll for a course at Yoga Vidya Mandiram in Chiang Mai. It is one of the best Yoga School in Thailand.

Reasons To Do Yoga Teacher Training in Chiang Mai

  1. The first thing that you should look for in a school, are trainers. While the syllabus remains the same mostly, you will be ultimately guided by the trainers. A master trainer can be the right facilitator for you. There are many things in common between Buddhism and Yoga. So, the calm outlook of the trainers there, mixed with adequate training is a lethal weapon. The right trainer would know, what you need most of. So, that is the first reason, why you should do your YogaTeacher Training In 
  2. The culture of Thailand has a huge role to play, in nurturing the right atmosphere and ambience for yoga practice. No matter, which direction you go in Chiang Mai, you will see Buddhist temples and monasteries, The sounds and scents that emanate from the places will take your spiritual practice to another level. The terrains are so remote, that they can be the best spots for meditation as well.
  3. Additionally, you will be able to complete the course under the set guidelines of Yoga Alliance. The course is well-paced and designed according to the modern life, whilst keeping authenticity in mind. You get more experience, more feedback, and support in your training. The training methods are also just perfect, and not too monotonous. In fact, you will be attending classes not only in the yoga school, or the adjoining gardens. But, far away in the deep jungles and peaks as well. The weather will also aid your practice.
  4. The fees are also quite low compared to the western countries, across the globe. So, you can attend the course, without burning a hole in your pocket. You will also get a great package deal comprising the accommodation, food, and yoga course, along with excursions to nearby areas as well.
  5. The YogaSchool in Thailand will give you the best training in spirituality. You will be learning Hatha Yoga, which is important for physical development, as well as Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga. It is cross-cultural training, with a modern twist. Kriyas, bandhas, mantras, philosophy, anatomy and Ayurveda, all form a part of the curriculum. You will also be practicing Karma Yoga as a part of the school’s community development programs.

If you are spiritually inclined, yet want to master the physical intricacies in their true form, Chiang Mai is the place for you. You can engage in 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Thailand, so that you can get ahead of the others. Today, many people are leaving their successful careers midway to become yoga trainers. So, there are more people there. You need to pick up the nuances of this ancient modality, to be able to create a lasting impression on others. That is what yoga in Chiang Mai, is all about. You can now engage in yoga practices in the beautiful hilly terrains and make way for the best training period of your life. Even after the completion of the course, you can always go back or attend a zoom session with your school, to get all your doubts cleared.